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Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day Weekend. Photos were taken on 5/28/2016



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My Life

Part of a new project I’m doing called “My Life” going over some of my old photographs I’ve taken throughout the years as well as taking a few new ones. Hope everyone enjoys.


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Personal Thoughts

So as most of you know I’m a photographer based out of NYC and I want to share my personal thoughts on how hard it is trying to survive in the city as a photographer.


NYC in general is really expensive and it’s not really so affordable at all and it’s also one of the toughest cities to run your own photography business believe it or not. Even though there’s so much to do in NYC, all the amazing landmarks¬†to see and whatnot, it’s just not the ideal setting I feel comfortable living in. Even though I lived there all of my life, I’m just slowly losing my interest in the city life and drifting away from it. It’s also hard when some people I know thinks I’m stupid for wanting to focus on photography and not being into the “Crowd” such as partying, going to bars, smoking etc. Believe it or not thats not the type of stuff I love doing and it’s sad that alot of people thinks I should be into all of that stuff because I’m 21 and that I should be wild. I’m sorry but thats not my lifestyle I want to live in, hell I have never been on a date and I’m not even trying to get into it yet. It’s hard being different from everyone else because it’s like they expect you to be a certain way without considering about the other person’s feelings. I love taking pictures and going on adventures to new places especially to learn about it and explore the different places we have in the world. But back to living in the city, it’s so depressing despite being there all of my life. I actually wish I lived in the suburban towns in NY¬†such as Cold Spring, Poughkeepsie, or Woodstock because believe it or not, I love the suburban scenes more than the city scenes and yes I’ve been to alot of suburban towns in NY. I occasionally lose sleep over being scared for the future because it’s unknown whats going to happen and it’s scary and depressing that you feel out of place. This is all I will say right now.


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DS Forever Photography Volume 36: Life In NYC

Finally Volume 36 has been completed which is called “Life In NYC”. This one basically contains most of my favorite photos I’ve taken from the 2013-2016 period which is all NYC related. I’ve decided to do one dedicated my NYC Photography because I was born and lived there my entire life which is now honestly no longer a place I want to life at for various reasons.

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Well I hope everyone enjoys


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It’s Springtime #2

Hope everyone is enjoying the Spring Season. Here’s all new photos taken the last few days.


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