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The Start Of Summer 2017

So now that it’s the first day of summer for 2017, I thought I update you guys on a few things. I’ve been really busy with school so there’s hasn’t been alot of recent photos lately but however, I did take a good amount of photos this past Saturday during the Mermaid Day Parade at Coney Island. It was raining outside during the parade as well which is why there’s alot of pictures of the event in the rain. With that said here’s the highlight photos that’s been added to the website and the rest can be found in their respective section.


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And for those who I took their photos at the parade, you can email me at Well have a good night everyone.


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Already June?

I can’t believe it’s already June and of course I added a bunch of new photos to the website. In other news I recently started school for photography which means I will be really busy up until next year. Here’s the highlight photos and I hope you all enjoy.


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Well thanks for reading.



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