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Hello everyone. This my name is Daniel Smith, 26 year old photographer based out of NYC. This is my new main website for my business/general portfolio photography. I’ve taking pictures since I was 11 years old and since High School, I started to have a passion for photography.


Daniel’s Classic Collection Era (2006 – December 31 2010)

Born on January 27 1995, I’ve been living in New York my entire life and believe it or not, photography was not something I expected to do. It all started out having an interest in trains (Mainly the NYC Subway) since I was really little (Probably 2 years old). In 2006 when I got an disposable camera and seeing all of the train pictures on different websites, I’ve decided to use the disposable to take several pictures of the subway which wasn’t the best results but still good overall. Around 2008 I started taking subway pictures a more than I did before with my dad’s cheap point and shoot camera before buying myself my very first point and Shoot a couple weeks after my 14th birthday in 2009 the Nikon L18 which was a beginners point and shoot with settings basically on Auto. I shot alot of train pictures still with that camera until December 2009 when I switched to a Sony Cybershot following by another Sony Cybershot a few months later. In June of 2010 right after graduating Middle School, I bought my very DSLR which was the Nikon D40x which was 10 megapixels and didn’t record any video. At the same time someone suggested I should explore my photography outside of trains and include different stuff. I’ve done occasional non train photos pre 2010 but never really thought about exploring outside of it until after that suggestion. So later that summer, I’ve took some street and river photos as practice to see if I would love it and sure enough I really wanted to explore photography.

2nd Era (High School Era) January 1 2011 – December 31 2014)

I’ve started to really try to get street photos in the start of the New Year and I’ve got my really first shot at doing so on my 16th birthday on January 27 2011 during a huge Blizzard in NYC. After getting off the subway during a hectic 3 hours commute, I took several photos of the snow along Broadway and at that point I realized I love taking pictures during snowstorms. So I kept teaching myself and learning how to take better street photos for most of 2011 and during my Sophomore Year of Highschool, I’ve spent atleast three days a week along York Avenue which is on the Upper East Side of Manhattan as some kind of practice area to get really better with my street photos which included taking some bus photos along the way. Near the end of the year, I’ve decided to switch to the Sony DSLR Brand (Something I later regret) to really help improve my photos. In 2012 I decided to start my Facebook Photography Page after two years of debating. Fast forward to my 18th birthday in 2013, I pulled my very first official late night adventure by riding the D Train from Coney Island To Norwood-205th Street which ran local the whole way which I recorded the entire ride on video. This was probably when I really wanted to start doing more late night adventures which I would eventually do later throughout the years. Around the same time I launched my first photography website which surprisingly had a good amount of viewers.

If you want any shoots done here’s the following rates

Portrait shoots

$150 per hour with 6-10 images of your choice to keep

Couples/Engagements: $350 per hour with 8-12 images of your choice to keep

Events/Families/Weddings: $650 an hour with 10-20 images of your choice to keep


Portrait Package

$275 which includes 2 hours of shooting, location of your choice and 12-18 images of your choice, and one 8×10 photo of the shoot.

Events/Families/Weddings Package

$1460 for events of 3 hours of shooting which includes 20-30 images of your choice, 4 4×6 photos and 2 8×10 photos of your choice

You can also email me at DanielTheCool47@gmail.com if interesting in shoots.

For more of my regular photos I’ve taken that’s not for business or portfolio purposes please visit my other website

Daniel The Cool Photography

And for Feedback


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