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Website UPDATE As of 4/30/2020

Hello everyone. I want to apologize for not posting on the website lately being behind on vital updates here. Anyways I added about 20 new photos on here. With the whole coronavirus going on, I only took four photos in April which the lowest amount of photos I’ve taken in a month. Even though New York doesn’t having strict lockdown baring you to take photos, I really didn’t feel like it was worth it right now still shooting photos at this point. Also in other news the 3rd/4th Era of DS Forever Photography is ending on December 31 2020 which at the same time I will be working on major changes on both my photography and my website when the 5th era starts on January 1 2021. I’m not revealing what the changes are right now but it will be huge surprise as well as the very first redevelopment ever for DS Forever Photography since I never have done ever since I started photography back in 2006. Also there will be a very special video released on 12/30/2020 thats going to be a very special clip show. With that said here’s the highlight photos.


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