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Website Update As Of 11/17/2019

Hello everyone. It’s been over a year since I’ve did an website update which I apologize for the very long delay due to being extremely busy but I’m back now with new updates and announcements.


#1. About 31 new photos were added to the site.


#2. My Facebook Page has reached 8,000 likes as of August 7th which was a very huge unexpected jump from having only 6,000 likes as of December 28th 2018. Personally this is something I would never have expected to happen at all.


#3. I’ve a recently collaboration with Candystudio (Candace Rogati) as of October so make sure you stay tune with that.


And I hope to have more adventure photos coming your way by the end of the year.


Here’s the highlight photos.


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DS Forever Photography

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Kicking Off August

Now that the month August has already started, let’s kick off with the first post for this month with some new photos added to the website.


Here’s most of the photo. The rest can be found in their respective sections. Well enjoy.


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Summer Season Is Approaching

To ring in the upcoming summer season , I’ve changed background to match the season. Also a couple of photography adventures to occur hopefully this season. Meanwhile here’s some new photos added to the website with alot more to come soon


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I hope everyone is enjoying the last week of April. Here’s some recent photos added to the site in case you didn’t seen it.


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DS Forever Photography: It’s Springtime

DS Forever Photography decides to do another photography vlog to celebrate the Spring Season. This vlog includes photos/video footage of the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, NYC Subway and much more. Hope everyone who’s into adventuring and photography enjoys this video.

Photography and video footage recorded by: Daniel Smith

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Hope everyone enjoys the Spring Season wherever you are.

DS Forever Photography