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Website Update As Of 12/4/2021

I realized I haven’t made a post on here lately due to alot going on but I finally did a website update for 2021 which includes new albums and photos. I also finally changed the website background in conjunction with the 5th Era of DS Forever Photography which started on January 1st 2021. Here’s the photos highlights.

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Well I hope you all enjoy.

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Website UPDATE As Of 10/31/2020

Well finally added some new photos to the website which was long overdue but for those tuning in here’s the following updates.

I now shoot with a Nikon D800 as of July

I’ve been slowly starting to take pictures more than I did since the pandemic started which is good.

Facebook Page reached past 13,000 Likes as of October.

Working on a West Side Story Photography video which should be out in the upcoming weeks.

Well here’s the highlight photos.

Daniel’s World

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R40 Final Season Video (10 Years Ago)

10 years ago today I created my first video and uploaded it to YouTube. It was called R40 Final Season which was a tribute to a subway car that was retiring at the time. I was only 13 years old and wasn’t using a DSLR yet. All photos in the video were taken by me and Zach Summer. Well I hope you all enjoy.



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New Photos Plus Thanksgiving 2016

Well I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving weekend and was able to celebrate it. Anyways here’s some new photos I added to conclude for November which includes Thanksgiving 2016 photos. These are the highlight and I hope everyone enjoys.

The rest can be found in their respective sections.


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Well I hope enjoyed these photos


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Kicking Off August

Now that the month August has already started, let’s kick off with the first post for this month with some new photos added to the website.


Here’s most of the photo. The rest can be found in their respective sections. Well enjoy.


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Photos Added And New Section

So the summer season is still going and the heat is preventing me from taking alot of pictures. Also a new section under the Portfolio “Suburban” has been added to the site especially now I’m planning on taking pictures in suburban places more often.


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Summer Season Continues

So I added some more photos to continue the summer season. Here’s some of them. The rest can be found in their respective sections


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Coney Island Mermaid Day Parade 2016

So I went to the Mermaid Day Parade in Coney Island for the 5th year (If would’ve been 6 years if I didn’t missed 2014) and it was great. The only thing though that somewhat bothered me was that alot of the photographers were trying to rush and fight for the same type of photos that everyone else was doing and didn’t bother being original with the angles and poses and tried to rush for the photos thinking its the end of the world. But otherwise the parade was great and fun to watch. The photos can be found here


Mermaid Day Parade Photos


Well now here’s the highlight post of the event.


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