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R40 Final Season Video (10 Years Ago)

10 years ago today I created my first video and uploaded it to YouTube. It was called R40 Final Season which was a tribute to a subway car that was retiring at the time. I was only 13 years old and wasn’t using a DSLR yet. All photos in the video were taken by me and Zach Summer. Well I hope you all enjoy.



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DS Forever Photography Volume 36: Life In NYC

Finally Volume 36 has been completed which is called “Life In NYC”. This one basically contains most of my favorite photos I’ve taken from the 2013-2016 period which is all NYC related. I’ve decided to do one dedicated my NYC Photography because I was born and lived there my entire life which is now honestly no longer a place I want to life at for various reasons.

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Well I hope everyone enjoys


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DS Forever Photography: It’s Springtime

DS Forever Photography decides to do another photography vlog to celebrate the Spring Season. This vlog includes photos/video footage of the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, NYC Subway and much more. Hope everyone who’s into adventuring and photography enjoys this video.

Photography and video footage recorded by: Daniel Smith

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Hope everyone enjoys the Spring Season wherever you are.

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